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        Welcome to the official website of Anhui Haihua Chemical Technology Group Co.,Ltd.!


        As a high-tech fine chemical company, Haihua Technology’s products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, food additives, daily chemicals and other industries

        Anhui Haihua Chemical Technology Group Co.,Ltd.

        Add: No.36 Kaiyuan Avenue, mohekou Industrial Park, Huaishang District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province Postcode: 233000
        Sales Department 1: +86-552-3322079 (methyl ether series) Sales Department 2: +86-552-3322035 (cresol series, chlorotoluene series)
        Foreign trade telephone: +86-552-3322065,+86-552-3322062 Essence and flavor: DengFeng Yang +86-18055291616
        Recruitment phone: +86-552-3322087, +86-18356632460 E-mail:info@haihuachem.com.cn
        URL: www.zjzfyy.com