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        Welcome to the official website of Anhui Haihua Chemical Technology Group Co.,Ltd.!


        As a high-tech fine chemical company, Haihua Technology’s products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, food additives, daily chemicals and other industries

        2,6-butylated hydroxytoluene

        2,6-butylated hydroxytoluene: Antioxidant 200; Antioxidant 264; Antioxidant and antigelling agent T501; Antioxidant 264; Antioxidant T510; Antioxidant BHT; Antioxidant BHT.

        Use: It can be used as feed antioxidant to protect vitamins in feed and prevent oxidative loss of fat and protein. It also has a certain antibacterial effect. The maximum dosage is 150g/t. BHT is an oil-soluble antioxidant widely used at home and abroad. Although it is more toxic, it has strong anti-oxidation ability, good heat resistance and stability. It has neither special odor nor color reaction when encountering metal ions. It is also cheap, only 1/8-1/ of BHA. 5. China is still used as the main antioxidant. Generally used in conjunction with BHA, and use citric acid or other organic acids as synergists.